Bio Friendly Methods of Houston Pest Control for Boats

Bio friendly methods of Houston pest control for boats consist of using control agents, physical barriers, removal of pest sources and breeding grounds and prevention of pest breeding. For this you need to understand the breeding and life cycle of pests in different seasons. This will help you in using the best agents for bug avoidance instead of using chemical based products that can cause environment pollution and health hazards for the crew and passengers.

Biological Methods of Houston Pest Control

Biological methods of Houston pest control consists of using control agents. One way is to breed the natural predators which eat up pests in the boat docks. This method has its limitations as you can’t take the risk of exposing the boat to damages from these predators also. Hence select controlling agents can be used for controlling certain specific pests like larvae and fouling organisms.

Physical Methods of Bug Avoidance

Physical methods of bug avoidance are mainly implemented through physical barriers. They could be traps and repellants. They are also free from any of the chemical ingredients usage. They are helpful in preventing the entry of pests into decks, cabins, control rooms and other internal locations of the boat.

Anoxic Fumigation Pest Exterminators  

Using natural gasses like nitrogen to reduce the concentration of oxygen below 0.1% has been found to be sufficient in eliminating more than 90% of the pests exterminators from boats. They have also been found to be effective in controlling the breeding of pests. But they need specialized devices and tools which need to be calibrated at regular intervals to maintain their efficiency of operation.

Texas bugs or us Campaign

The fishing and passenger boats in Texas used to be infested with aphids, beetles, termites, fleas, mosquitoes and other destructive /disease spreading pests. Chemical based methods were found to be successful with pests like mites and nematodes. But they had their negative side effects on the metal and wood parts of the boat like the hull, navigational equipment, control panel and others. However they still find their utilities in effective control of vertebrate pests like the rats, rodents and mice. One way of reducing the toxic effects of chemicals is to use them in lesser concentration and in combination with toxicity reducing agents.

  • The Texas bugs or us campaign seems to be effective in preventive methods sued in Houston pest control. The first phase is to eliminate the pests, while the subsequent phases are aimed at natural methods of bug avoidance.
  •  Barriers for pests are installed in the form of slip liners. This reduces the percentage of salinity in the water around the boat and eliminates the maximum number of pests that cause foul smell in the boat.
  • Moisture and humidity elimination is one natural method used in Houston pest control. Regular maintenance of the boat by housekeeping activities with natural agents can also help in reducing the volume of pest breeding, growth and expansion. This method of bug avoidance seems to work in 8 out of 10 instances.